First Aeromancy Armoury is my sole proprietorship doing business as myself.
That aside I am going to be put a donations button here as well as a button to
show the state of the projects funding and how close we are to seeing the
prototype air frame get off the ground.

The big thing is property and materials. I have access to the software and the
drafting tools to layout the designs. Actually building a physical air frame is
going to take space to build it and preferably a thousand foot run way and a
clear air space over head.

So far as I can tell the cheaper land is going to cost more to put in a re-enforced
concert run way and ship the steel and equipment. I actually found a piece of
land in Nova Scotia that would work great but I'm not sure I can get fast enough
Internet for research when needed. I have another location in Montana but it will
require a geode style dome to work through winter when the snow is second
story high. I would like to setup on Maui but that will get expensive fast. But the
land and Internet would be easier to come by. I am also looking into Florida and
Texas as possible locations.

The idea was initially to make enough money in the visual effects industry to
have more of my own money to help start the company but I am finding that
people fire anyone who threatens their safe spot, so making sure that the only
person I have to answer to is who ever I end up hiring or marrying to control the
funds of the company, is the best solution at this point.

I'm adding a donation button so if people want to help they can. If it helps the
company get the AirFrame off the ground their will be a brass plaque with
supporters names or handles on it, considering if things go well that might be
something really cool to be listed on.
This is what I worked up for the campus layout.

Ideally clear the entire area of the campus down to a depth for four sub floors, re-enforce the edges with solid steel framing and rock fill then a
buffer, followed by a second steel framing filled with sand. Layout entire complex as one building that looks like many. This allows for enclosed
HAV and water sewer lines to be protected from freezing and easy routing. It allows for a hidden hanger so that planes can be worked on all year
round and a wind tunnel can be built in this space as well.

Consider building a geodesic dome over the entire campus built of lexan or similar material allowing for a temperate climate to work in while
limiting the crush of people that such climates bring. Entertainment would have to be provided on campus to a certain extent but could be
covered by a theater that could double as a presentation area. As a plus when demoing products it could be used for clients.

Last a pool and gym on campus would make since if isolated from easy access for those used to living in the city. To balance cost offer these as
part of the salary under benefits.

Last use industrial construction for the homes so that the homes are built with steel framing and stone or concert facades, with trim of wood
which will be cheaper in that area. But build with the concept of amortizing the housing over fifty years not ten. Have a washer and dryer,
dishwasher, and fridge in each unit buying energy star efficient appliances in bulk to save money on them, and efficient to save on fuel and
power costs, as well as reducing any load on the electrical systems.

List full retail price as part of the benefits package and charge that to replace any appliances less than five years old. Design with the space to
be more appealing than fitting in one more apartment as the space is for employees not renters. Plan for ten foot ceiling to fight issues resulting
from isolation over the winter months. Build with concept that people will see each others apartments so minor tweaks nessacary for individuality,
even if just rotating half of them 90' out. Use steel frames and hollow tubes for structure and wood studs to just have something to hang the sheet
rock on. Use industrial primer and latex paint or automotive paint, that can be mixed on site. Make two closets, and built in cabinets as steel
framing and simply covered in wood facades. Make the counters surgical stainless so that people can cut on them and not      worry about
getting sick and losing productivity.

Have all cars park in an underground area at the front of the campus as part of the area hidden by the ground of the campus. Have visitor parking
away from the campus separated by the drive that can be covered by golf cart. This will prevent theft of company assets. If giving a presentation
in winter the memory of driving between walls of snow will help leave a lasting memory.