I built the company years ago with a couple friends as a sole proprietorship.
Mostly because it was cheaper to setup. So I have paid taxes on the company in
the past and I am currently looking into venture capital. I was working with several
people at different companies to see my options when I was living in Los Angeles,
but it was still more hobby then vocation. I think now is the right time to re launch
the company, with the simple aim of providing an alternative to dwindling resource
using concepts I developed years ago. Basically the concept is simple positive,
neutral and ground. An electromagnet can push as hard as you can supply
current, but like muscles in the human body that only does have the job. Our
concept being freely shared as copyright left. You have to contribute back
refinements but not new concepts, and you don't pay for the use of the idea. This
sounds like free lunch but the simple truth is the product made with the tech is
worth more than the idea if made well.

Where I intend to make money is by creating the prototypes and selling the
designs or one offs to people with a need for something special. Anyway the
concept I was referring to is that running Alternating current across a circuit a
very simply one to start, but a circuit so that as one phase crosses the circuit it
feeds one magnet with direct current, as the current's phase shifts the other
direction it feeds a second magnet with direct current at the inverse rate. Then
their polarity controls the push or pull of the pistol in the tube. The piston contains
a magnet with a set polarity or if more force is needed and electromagnet that
stays the same polity but with varying strength. The extra option is to build a cam,
where there are two sets of magnets on either side of gear shaft similar to the
ones seen in a wankle engine. So that when one side is pushing the arm down
the other side is pulling up or in a resting phase. This builds in redundancy in the
driven shaft but it means that if enough stop working they drag on the force
needed to turn the shaft, where as if are self contained pistons they can be linked
or unlinked with a drive train so that pistons failing only limit the amount of force
able to be applied but not limiting the force twice.

The company is seeking venture capital at this point to turn the soild works and
inventor model data and tested physic tested prototypes into physical modes that
can be endurance tested and reality checked to see if there are simply variables
that the software can not account for.

With the relaunch of the company I am revamping Aeromancy Armoury's Image
and for now I building the site on top of the design for my personal artist's site. I
put a lot of work into the look and feel of it so until I get a better feel for the
outward facing feel of the current version of the company it wil be simalar to my
personal site.